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Unlocking the secret to consciously manifesting your reality


Tailored to fit your individual needs, these services help you constructively in reaching your goals and give you clarity, confirmation and insight into your experiences and your personal growth. Thought-provoking and inspiring.

Training & Workshops

Highly engaging and interactive programs that open you up to new experiences balanced with the knowledge of the science of ourselves, how we influence change and the ‘know how’ to communicate effectively through using new and useful forms of interaction.

Team Building

A highly personalised team building experience that provides real learnings that will be taken back and applied in the workplace. Engaging for even the most disengaged. People choice awards 2010 & 2011.


Awareness Corner

Through its programs and coaching – supports individuals, teams, and organizations in developing intuitive practices to have clarity, focus, increased empathy, insight, and increased self-awareness.


Award Winning Team

Jill Buckton is the founder of The Awareness Corner, she has researched human behaviour and the science behind how we create our experiences for over 20 years. In 2014 she was formally presented with a ‘certificate of achievement’ in the New Zealander of the Year Awards and in 2015 she was selected as one of the world’s leading agents of transformation, and invited to take part with others from around the globe in producing a M2–eBook by Dream-sculpt Media called Soul Activators, this was launched worldwide in 9 languages. Jill now works internationally as well as in NZ with many different businesses and corporations facilitating workshops and consulting.

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Empowering our clients

  • I just wanted to say thank very much for seeing me on Thursday, once again I was really amazed by it all, find it very fascinating, and over the last few days a few things have happened and I think to myself how did you know that was going to happen! Thanks for everything I really appreciate it,

  • Hi Jill, I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading today. I feel you have made me appreciate what I have in life and what a great family I have. You have given me lots to think about and work with. Thank you

  • Jill continues to offer an amazing, enlightening experience to people far and wide. Her desire to help others see their potential in life is something to aspire to

    Neena Truscott
  • Hi Jill, I wanted to email you to thank you for the fantastic course last weekend. I have learned so much and am sure I will continue to learn as I go. Doing the readings on each other was just amazing and such an awesome feeling 'knowing' it all :-) I am excited about my future for me and my girls. Thanks so much again Jill. Until next time.

  • Hi Jill, You have made such a difference in people’s lives and given them much needed guidance.  Sometimes it is easy to forget the contribution one makes, but let me assure you that the work you do is invaluable and indeed a wonderful gift for others.  There are still many people here who will be contacting you in the coming weeks. Once again, many thanks. Kind regards

  • Hello gorgeous!...just wanted to say (again) thanks for such a great reading a few weeks ago!! I know you don’t remember much about the readings, but you basically gave me a huge kick up the arse and wouldn’t shut up about me “putting myself out there to make money”!! I filtered through all the advice and info, picked things which felt right, and YES... stuff is really starting to unfold in front of me!! I’ve set up some drawing workshops, been saying YES to everything that comes along, and there are very interesting opportunities on the horizon now, much closer than before! So thanks a million for the arse kicking!! A great reading as always.... but this one has particularly changed things for me enormously... Huge hugs,

    Charlotte xoxoxox
  • "Went to More FM's Psychic Party with Jill Buckton, What a fun night thank you to the More FM team what a fun lot you are and a Big thank you to Jill for the great night also for having the talk show on Wednesday mornings with More FM Hamilton, so we can phone in and ask questions and for the chance to win this fun night, if anyone has a group of friends who would love to do this get hold of Jill and book a psychic party you will not be disappointed it is a fun relaxed night and full of answers, it is a nice way to get together with friends eat nice food have a few drinks and have a fun night."

  • I can't thank Jill enough for how meaningful her work is. Jill's tailored approach to team building allows you to open your mind so that you can appreciate all of the information you are receiving throughout your day so that you can then analyze it and use it to improve your life and everyday experiences as well as your relationships to those around you

  • I have been to one of the courses, thought it was great! They educate, encourage & inspire.. Jill is very good at what she does & I wish her the best for the future :)

  • Informative, easy to understand, good knowledge and experience. Jill and the whole team are treasures, who understand and help many people whether it is for guidance, advice, workshops or general readings. This is a fun and relaxed place to learn and experience a spiritual awaking. Thank you. Jill is an amazing woman, who has helped me soooo much! Xx

  • Hi Jill, thank you so much for the amazing weekend. I have had so much awareness and growth, and it was easy peasy as a cup of coffee. When I first started having awareness’s around being able to tap in over 4 years ago, I didn’t fully understand what was happening and got to a point about 2 years ago when I just wasn’t comfortable doing readings, because I wasn’t convinced that it was working, and felt like it was a huge responsibility and I was playing with people’s lives, so I stopped unless it came up strongly in my work. After this weekend, I understand how it all works and it makes more sense. It is part of me and my awareness and it is accurate. I am very comfortable and at ease with it all and know that anyone can do it and it’s not a selected few, and learning more about the brain and how it works has helped. I am reintroducing it to my business, as it is a very effective and accurate tool with the work that I do. Thank you so much for the ease in which you teach and the way in which you tap into everyone so that we all get the most benefit and practical application within the course. It has given me direction and helped me with acceptance of who I am. I would definitely recommend that people book into your Awareness Course. Thank you so much for being you and the change you facilitate.

    Love Andrea

Awareness Landscape

“ The questions that you have determine the experiences that you have and from those experiences come your answers “
Jill Buckton

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